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Welcome to

Energiboost Syd

– an energy boost in the south of Sweden to find and help energy-related innovations to reach the market faster.

Events & Possibilities

Sök stöd: Innovationsprojekt i små och medelstora företag 2020

Vinnova har en utlysning som vänder sig till företag med 3-49 anställda. Där kan ni söka stöd för projekt som ska leda till nya produkter, tjänster eller processer. Exempel på godkända aktiviteter är framtagning av prototyper, demo, testning och validering.



Enkät för Energirelaterade innovationsbolag – hjälp oss hjälpa er bättre!

Energiboost Syd gör nu en andra omgång enkätundersökning och djupintervjuer för att förstå behovet av stöd och hjälp för energirelaterade innovationsbolag. Ge oss rätt underlag att göra mest effekt! Enkäten tar 5-10 min. 


Hur du mäter CO2 påverkan

I ansökan till Energimyndighetens utlysningar måste företag göra en beräkning av Co2 effekten av sin innovation. Under hösten håller vi två kostnadsfria utbildningar inom ämnet. Den sista går att anmäla sig till här:  


Ideon Science Park

Ideon Science Park offers support for the whole journey, from startup to scaleup to innovation for big brands with the help of partners.Ideon focuses on four focus areas: Future Transportation, Smart Cities, Smart Materials and Healthtech. With over 400 companies and 10.000 employees on the area makes Ideon a strong partner for companies looking to develop and grow.

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Ideon Innovation

Ideon Innovation is one of Swedens oldest incubators and have helped 180+ companies in early stages. We connect companies and develop those who want to have positive contribution and achieve the global goals through innovation and business sense. This is done in Lund and Skåne but also in Sweden and then internationally. See current incubator companies here:

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WIN offers markets for companies and innovations within water, safety and energy. By using open innovation we accelerate the process to get innovations out to the market. The members in our networks include small innovative companies as well as organisations from the public and private sector, academic and non-profit organisations.

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E.ON Agile

E.ON Sweden produce and supply energy to the Nordic market. Our goal it to create a sustainable society, for people and our planet. Now we are making the biggest investments ever and are transitioning to 100% renewable and recyclable energy.

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The startup house of Malmö.

At Minc we offer everything an entrepreneur needs to go from concept to market and have our resources in-house. Our international network of advisors and award winning program will help your start up to grow faster and smarter.

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Faculty of engineering LTH at Lund University

Contributes to increasing knowledge of high relevance in engineering, architecture and industrial design. Lund University and the Faculty of Engineering are consistently ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world. Through our Energiportalen the innovation companies reach energy scientists in all faculties.

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We meet regularly to draw synergies between our business development and startup support activities. We gather the entrepreneurs, scientists and investors who want to contribute to a world with reduced CO2 emissions. 

Part of the task is to qualify energy related companies and help them find the right support from Energimyndigheten.

The start of Energiboost Syd is financed by Energimyndigheten.