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14 march

Energiboost Syd

– How does a green investor think?

Hear it from the experts

Norrsken Foundation, Almi Greentech, BGA Invest & Queen Invest

Our expert panel and about 50 attendees discussed relevant questions for small companies, entrepreneurs as well as large corporations looking for investing or support.

What is necessary to get funding?
How far along does the company need to be?
Is it demanded to have gender equal boards?

Investor panel:
Janna Jarlman, Norrsken Foundation
Karin Ebbinghaus, Almi Greentech
Git Sturesjö Adolfsson, BGA Invest
Jeanette Andersson, Queen Invest

Mia Rolf, CEO Ideon Science Park
Alexander “Bigge” Lidgren, InnoEnergy

What is Energiboost Syd Afterwork light?

A challenge for society (locally and globally) is the need to reduce the climate change and accelerate the energy adjustment.

The coalition team in Energiboost Syd wants to create better circumstances for new energy related innovations to get out to and excel at the market.

The start of Energiboost Syd is financed by Energimyndigheten and in the project are Ideon (incl Ideon Innovation and Ideon Open/WIN), MincE.ON Agile and Lunds universitet/LTH Energiportalen.

Part of the task is to match energy related innovations with both customers and financing. It also includes to inform about what support the parties including Energimyndigheten can give.

Meet other innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, creatives and scientists who just like you are interested to reduce the CO2 impact on the climate with innovations. Anything from cleaner combustion engines to better detergent or apps to reduce wasteful travels.

What is an energy related innovation?
Energimyndigheten and Energiboost Syd, think more about effect then technology and want to find the ideas which challenges, disrupts and makes the world a better place. Now.

What is AfterWork Light
The event is an opportunity to meet others at an AfterWork Light – alcoholic free locally produced beer, snacks and hang out with lounge music. All who are curios on the subject are welcomed. Restricted amount of tickets available, sign up now!

We meet regularly to draw synergies between our activities. 4 times per year we gather the entrepreneurs, scientists and investors who want to contribute to a world with reduced CO2 emissions. At the Energiboost events you can find out what help you and your company can get from us and meet other like minded.

Part of the task is to qualify energy related companies and help them find the right support from Energimyndigheten.

The start of Energiboost Syd is financed by Energimyndigheten.